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We’re here to bridge the gap between the medical needs and the financial hardships facing our veterans and their families.

The Malmberg Foundation is a public charity focusing on fundraising to help forgive medical debt owed by the veteran community. How it works is that our organization focuses on raising funds year-round, then we work with another non-profit that specializes in purchasing medical debt pennies on the dollar. Once we identify a medical debt portfolio, our organization will transfer the funds raised to forgive that medical debt. It takes time and effort to identify and build these portfolios. The Malmberg Foundation conducts year-round fundraising, so when portfolios are open, we can immediately help to forgive the medical debt. Helping veterans is our priority, however, due to this lengthy process, there are times towards the end of the fiscal year when we might have funds available but no veteran medical debt available. In these rare situations, we will help forgive medical debt in what is called "hotspot" areas. These are special areas identified in medical debt crisis areas and not necessarily veteran-owned debt. 

Our expenses are covered by a private donation made by my family, which means 100% of your donation will go towards forgiving medical debt. As a public charity, we rely heavily on the community for financial and volunteer support. If you are interested in donating or volunteering, please explore our website for more information. The struggle is real for many fathers, sons, mothers, and daughters of our nation; we must do better.

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Our organization depends on volunteers in all communities in the United States to help spread the word of our mission. If you're looking for an opportunity to hand out informational pamphlets please follow the link below to submit a request.

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Our organization relies heavily on your support to operate and assist veterans. Follow the link below to our Qgiv donation page where you can complete a one-time payment or set up recurring donations. We are a 501(c)(3) organization which means you can write your contributions off on your taxes. Don't forget to work with your employer if they have a matching donation program. Not able to donate? that's okay. You can support us through Amazon Smile or our Shop Now page. One of the best ways you can support us is to share our page on social media. 

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