Any honorably discharged veteran from any era is eligible to receive assistance through the Malmberg Foundation.

Yes. Only for your legal spouse and dependents under 26. We recognize that when your spouse or children are sick, that cost relies on the shoulders of the veteran. If you are divorced, we will only aid with dependents; ex-spouses are not eligible.

Yes. With some exceptions. Widows of deceased veterans are eligible along with children under 26. The veteran does not need to have been deceased due to military service. If you are the spouse and have remarried, then you and your dependents are no longer eligible. 

Yes. Gold star families are eligible to receive assistance. This is a lifetime benefit for the spouse and dependents of the fallen soldier. You must still meet our financial eligibility requirements.

Go to the Quick Links at the bottom of the website and click, Request Assistance Form. Answer the questions, attach the appropriate documentation and click send request.

No, however, we will only assist with the amount provided by the documentation from your debtor. We can only assist if we have the funds. Our organization relies on donations so there may be times we are not able to provide for the full amount or at all.

We will assist with almost any medical need you may have excluding elective medical care. This includes prescriptions, surgeries, therapies, behavioral assistance, and medical devices. If you are not sure if it is covered, just send us an email at [email protected] and we will let you know if it is covered.

Unfortunately, we live in a world where evil people will try to take advantage of the kindness of others. This means we must be able to validate you are an eligible veteran. That does not mean we will automatically deny your request. We will work with other agencies to try to determine your status. 

If you are not able to attach the documents, you are always welcome to send us an email at [email protected] explaining your situation and then mail in your documents with the answers to the questions on the request form. The address is listed at the top of our website.

In most situations, we will never pay you directly. We will only pay your debtor directly. For example, if you need or had a knee replacement surgery, we will pay your hospital directly based on the information on the documentation you provide. We understand some situations may not be able to work as planned, so we are flexible when needed.

We have expanded the guidelines to be more inclusive to the middle class. We follow US 2020 Federal Poverty Level Guidelines to measure the financial requirements. You will need to have a taxable income under 400% FPL and is based on the number in the household and monthly expenses. We will require proof of income, and this is including spouses.